Why Donate to the Stockton Law Enforcement Chaplaincy?

When you give to the Chaplaincy you can accomplish several things.
1. The Chaplaincy is a 501 c 3, non profit corporation so any gifts you give are fully tax deductible.
2. When you give to the Chaplaincy you are helping the Chaplains continue to serve the Officers of Stockton
PoliceDepartment and Stockton Unified Police Department. Chaplains are there for the Officers in times of crisis and
on a regular basis when things are going well. We have an office in the police department staffed four days a week with
regular office hours.

As well we now have several Chaplains in Public Schools as School Resource Chaplains. Our goal is to help troubled youth get in focus: Emotionally, Physically, Socially and Spiritually. School Resource Chaplains are Law Enforcement Chaplains.
They provide a practical, secular service;
They are non-sectarian, serving people of all faiths or no faith;
They are free of excessive government and religious entanglement.

When you give to the Stockton Law Enforcement Chaplaincy it is a win win situation, both for you and the City of Stockton.

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